The NextGen movement comes is founded on four pillars: 

  1. Behavior Analysis
  2. Technology
  3. Entrepreneurship 
  4. Clinical Psychology 

For me personally, any field has something of value to share when it comes to informing and creating solutions our most difficult problems we face in society. The particular view point that I subscribe to is that of behavior analysis. The applications have been in so many fascinating areas: 

With over a 100+ years of research there's likely someone who's studied something that you find interesting or you're passionate about. For many reasons it's hard to keep up with everything that's going on (as well as what's happened in the past): 

  1. Materials are inaccessible (e.g., paywalls, limited prints)
  2. Lineages of thoughts are "lost" (e.g., Kuo's Epigenetic Behaviorism, Goladiamond's Non-linear model)
  3. There's just too much research to keep up with EVERYTHING that's happening

Content (e.g., blogs, podcasts, videos) are rampant, but not always utilized in strategic ways.

Earlier this week the Rogue ABA team reached out and urged the NextGen team and some other behavioral scientist practitioners that are active on the Instagram platform to do more. Check it out: 


The conversation continued for a few days until we landed upon a strategy that would allow us to include our personal brand, but focus on bringing together the community in a stronger way, while allowing anyone on the platform to join in on the movement. 


Finding the right angle that allowed the movement to be picked up by anyone, highlight the various ways in which behavior analysis is "fueling" the solutions to real-world problems, but keeping it organized in a way that anyone could explore it was discovered! 


So here is where YOU come in. We've filtered the hashtag below so you can check out some of the recent posts. Find your favorite, follow them, and consider using the hashtag in your own creative ways. We've no clue where this is going to end up, but we're hoping it grows far beyond it's original intent. Do your part, and help show the world #AllTheWaysToABA


Through collaboration and support we'll be able to make the next steps in disseminating our science and helping in solving some of the world's trickiest problems. - <3 RyanO


Ryan O’Donnell, MS, BCBA

Affiliation: RYANO, LLC


Bio: Ryan O'Donnell hails from northern Nevada in the grungy, yet surprisingly classy, (and newly renovated) Reno, Nevada . He likes his climate like he likes his data: evolving, uncompromising, and progressive. He is a master of science; that is, he has a M.S. in Applied Behavior Analysis, however he has since grown to include many other interests, including entrepreneurship and capturing perspectives and stories through various mediums. He has used this degree to work with a lot of great people to help organizations and families in Florida and Nevada that support people with Intellectual Disabilities. Currently he leads product development and distribution for High Sierra Industries as a Learning Systems Development Specialist. His focus outside this role is on building a community of thought leaders and doers to create content that increases the transparency of behavior analytic technologies with the hopes of creating a platform that truly saves the world. His interests are all over, from artificial intelligence and machine learning applications to the theory and philosophy behind Why We Do What We Do (wwdwwdpodcast.com). In his spare time you can find him consuming social media, prepping/climbing a giant mountain, or walking around with his camera in his hand (and, occasionally, all simultaneously). Connect with him on most all social platforms via TheRyanoDotCom and let him know what drives you to pursue the Behavior Analysis vision.


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