What Was the First Next Gen Revolution Summit Like?

This is an older piece, published prior to the first event we held in April of 2017.

I hope to allow people who are considering attending our event to be informed consumers. It is my wish that this document will aid you in making the decision of if this event will fulfill your needs as a consumer. So I will attempt to answer a few questions that I would as if I were considering attending an event of this nature. This is only a high-level overview, and all other questions please direct through the button at the end.

Mark Malady, MS, BCBA - Co-Founder of the Institute of Meaningful Instruction, LLC

Mark Malady, MS, BCBA - Co-Founder of the Institute of Meaningful Instruction, LLC

Question 1: What should I expect to experience from the Revolution Summit?

We have planned the day so that each workshop flows with the workshop before it.

  • We aim to build some historical context on fringe applications/technologies that many behavior analyst are not aware of from the depths of behavior analysis. The aim of this first presentation is that each participant is more familiar with the nifty applications from the history of behavior analysis.  Of course, we are limited on time so we will only be able to go into a few that we believe most behavior analyst or students of the science of behavior analysis are not aware of - the rest will be shared over time on this website.
  • The second presentation will focus on how behavior analytic technologies have become participatory members of mainstream applications embedded inside of other fields that many of us have experienced but may not see as behavioral technology.  
  • Our third presentation will start to feel a little more like a workshop and will allow participants to identify push-in fields that they could contribute to in ways that allow them to build their skill sets but to also benefit a wider range of consumers outside of the reach of mainstream behavior analysis now.  
  • Our fourth workshop will be fully participatory and will teach participants how to select markets that are ready for behavior analytic technologies, this will allow participants to identify their interest areas and select areas to make committed action plans to start working towards.
  • Our fifth workshop will return to our comfort zone as behavior analyst but focus on how a practitioner can use their current work site to build novel skill sets to prepare them to be more diverse practitioners.  
  • Our sixth workshop will focus on an area that requires specialized training and how to hold to behavior analytic routes when you start to integrate more formally with other fields. Finally we will wrap the day up with each participant making a brief video segment ( or if they are uncomfortable with a video then a written plan) on how they will commit to expanding the reach of behavior analysis as an area of practice over the next months, years, and decades.

Question 2: Who are the anticipated target audience members that will benefit the most from this workshop?

Although it is cliché, we expect most behavior analyst could benefit from the workshop... now let me explain that a little bit. Even if you are a seasoned behavior analyst, we as science of human behavior know that committed events can alter the future probability of similar response actions over a specified period. So if you are a seasoned behavior analyst, we hope that the building of the community will create contingencies that allow you to follow through with your dreams of expanding the science. We also hope that early students will be able to explore the history, learn how to expand their skills, reach a community of people with similar interest, and expand the science in the process.

Question 3: How will I know if you achieve your goals of this workshop?

Each talk will specify objectives; however, we do want to take it a step further so that participants will know that they also have achieved their personal goals in attending the workshop. Let’s do this together, how about before you decide to participate you write your objectives on how you will know if the workshop was successful for you? If you're up for it, then you can share your objectives with us in the comments below. This will allow us to measure if we meet our objectives, if each of you meets the objectives, and what we can do to make a more impactful experience for everyone interested in attending the event.

Question 4: How did this event come about?

The presenters were lucky enough to meet in some interesting ways over the last two years and all identified a shared interest in the amazing possibilities that a science of behavior analysis has to offer the world and ourselves. We wanted to create a space and time for behavior analyst to focus on that goal of “saving the world with behavior analysis.” This event will empower the people of the world to create beautiful and impactful applications founded upon the field of behavior analysis.

Question 5: I notice that most of the speakers do not come from the world of academia. What do you have to offer?

Each of us love academia as a profession but have chosen to pursue it to various extents and invest more into the world of practice for various reasons. We are mainly practitioners of the science of behavior analysis at our core and are concerned with how our services can impact our consumers in a proactive and meaningful way. We all have diverse histories but we have also kept our love for the theoretical and basic aspects of the science. This may be what makes us different than many behavior analysts who find themselves practicing inside of the field. We have real world experience blended with the academic nature of a science and we hope we will be able to assist others in developing the skills we have accidently hit on over the course of our careers.