Friday: A Week into a Behavior Analyst's Hustle and Grind

This is part of a 7-piece series that highlights the dedication and experiences that go into just one week of my life as a behavior analyst at the present time. Read the other posts here.

Author: Ryan O'Donnell, MS, BCBA

Author: Ryan O'Donnell, MS, BCBA


5:30 AM - Alarm sounds - review what's happened while I've been asleep. I work with a few people that live in time zones quite a bit ahead of me, including in France, Brazil and then the East Coast - so sometimes there are 4-6 hours of quick communication to catch up on. 

6:00 AM - Time for a REAL gym session. I had been neglecting my body with sleep and exercise earlier in the week, so the goal of today is an hour on the weights with some jump ropes and circuit training, then an hour on the Stairmaster. ROCKED IT. 

8:00 AM - Wrap up the gym and head home to figure out what's priority on this website and event. 

Side Note: There are various entities in the behavior analytic world that are out there producing content. It comes in many forms, including, professional publication outlets, books, online training programs, course sequences, continuing education programs, etc. There's also quite a few projects centered around the dissemination of behavior analysis across mainly social media platforms (e.g., BSci21, BehaviorBabe, BehaviorGuy, Behavior Man, The Behavior Station, Behavior Observations Podcast, Foxy Learning). Now I think this next request is anything but easy (I say this writing this at 5:00 AM half-awake), but it's certainly needed. 

Our approach to understanding and helping people in the world needs to be out there, and that's only going to happen through openly accessible content.

Part of my 2017 goal is to line up resources to be able to produce meaningful content that people within and outside behavior analysis want to consume. In no way can I do this on my own, but it's something that I try to prioritize and understand *when* all the right variable are in place to start producing something of value. Our current goal of this website is something new and useful every day - we'll see how we do. But there are some other types of content in the works as well (e.g., Videos, Podcast). Please continue to give feedback on whether or not you find this useful (I'll continue watching the metrics as well). I praise anyone out there pushing quality, true to form, behavior analytic content.

10:30 AM - Have to make a pit-stop in at work to get some paperwork for a quick check-in meeting with the local school district on our Professional Development course on Effective Classroom Interactions. 

12:00 PM - Wrap up my short work session, and make a few errands.

2:00 PM - Time to create content. It's really hard to think about what to write about sometimes, so my current system is to write down an idea anytime I run into a "lesson learned" or a "good idea," etc. Then when I sit down all I have to do is skim over the ideas, create a quick outline, and see which of the ideas I can get to flow. 

8:00 PM - Alright, it's Friday night, I completed 6 different blog posts in 6 hours, which is by far the most efficient I've written blog ever. Time for one last meeting, but that's at a local bar and grille where I'm meeting with a few different local photographers and videographers to discuss a few different ideas that we'd like to come to fruition this year.  

2:30 AM - Little bit of a late night since it's Reno (i.e., the Biggest Little City), and I ran into a few friends and decided to capitalize on some time catching up with friends and family in the area. 


  1. Definitely had a much easier day, at least in that I didn't have to drive around to various meetings and service sites - most all behavior analysts know how much time you can spend in a car... 
  2. Completed a solid ~21 hour day
  3. 8 hours and 17 minutes on my phone.
  4. Completed ~12-ish hours of work related to behavior analysis and dissemination of our beautiful science
  5. Completed 6 different blog posts. 
  6. Got to see some awesome friends and family.


  1. Absolutely nothing. Perfect day. 

Final Thoughts:

I'd really like to hear your thoughts on how we could collectively work together to create more freely accessible content related to behavior analysis and the various different subjects and areas of our beautiful science. Let me know in the comments, or shoot your ideas through the button below (kicks to my email):  

To be continued.