All It Takes is One View

Author: Ryan O'Donnell, MS, BCBA

Author: Ryan O'Donnell, MS, BCBA

All it takes is one view.

The life of a behavior analyst can vary drastically. I don’t think that we’re the only field to run into a tough day-to-day grind (e.g., advocating for some of the most vulnerable populations to receive what we believe to be the most valuable services out there). Anyone that is trying to bring a great product (or at least valuable in the eyes of the consumer) is likely working as hard as we are.

One area that we are all subject to regardless of the industry, market or profession that we are in is that of ratio strain, extinction, and verbal behavior. Here are examples of those in plain English:

  • Ratio strain – the amount of work that you have to put in doesn’t quite match the payoff.
  • Extinction – a procedure in which responding your effort leads to no change whatsoever.
  • Verbal behavior – the “self-talk” that we engage in when things aren’t easy or aren’t going our way

One thing that keeps me going is one simple idea:

All it takes is one view.

That is, the right person viewing the content can be just enough to lead to the next level that you are looking to reach. Here are a few things that have happened the past 6 months since I began producing content and seeking out opportunities:

  1. Invitations to two Gifted and Talented conferences to present on our program, Exploring Tomorrow.
  2. Invitations to two behavior analytic conferences (soon to be announced) to speak on various areas of the literature and services that we have developed and are striving to fully package.
  3. Invitations to promote my content through national providers in the helping professions.
  4. Contacts that I’m not quite sure yet where they will lead, but the potential could be huge (e.g., people who hold 300+ patents, including things that you and I use daily – including the device that you’re holding in your hand as you read this)
  5. Guest publications on various websites and publication outlets.
  6. An invitation to talk about self-management and our upcoming event below on the Behavioral Observations Podcast.

The point is this. It’s not easy doing the work of a behavior analyst or disseminating the approach to viewing the world. But if you have something valuable to offer someone, then it’s really a matter or creating the content, putting it out there, and finding the right person to interact with it. Each of the of 6 experiences I shared above had anywhere from 4 weeks to 28 years of work and preparation behind them depending on how far you want to look back. Put yourself out there – send that email, write that blog, pick up that phone, etc. It might take a massive amount of people to get the return that you’re looking for, but today is as good as any other to start right?

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Ryan O'Donnell

Reno, Nevada

Ryan graduated in 2013 from the Florida Institute of Technology and received his Board Certification that same year.  Ryan has provided over 2,000 hours of instruction and oversight in a variety of areas, including: Medicaid services, DOE Training, prosocial organizational projects, and Rehabilitation and various private entities.  He's active in the field of behavior analysis with over 60 professional presentations, posters, or workshops in the past 5 years.

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