Talking About Behavior Science without Freaking People Out! | Brendan Böhr, MS, BCBA

Brendan Böhr, MS, BCBA

Brendan Böhr, MS, BCBA

We asked Brendan a few questions about the event and our aim of bringing together behavior analysis, entrepreneurship, technology and clinical applications. Check out his answers and a clear description of his talk at NextGen Las Vegas! Oh and we have a video in there too at the bottom called Sex Therapy, Plant Behavior, Ecoterrorism & More! so you can get to know Brendan.

We livestream and record the event. So you have access to all of the content for 30-days after the event regardless of the ticket type you choose!

We livestream and record the event. So you have access to all of the content for 30-days after the event regardless of the ticket type you choose!

Brief statement on why you’re excited to speak at this conference and/or how you feel you can inspire people to innovate their profession with technology.

Collaboration between disciplines is both a great challenge and a colossal opportunity for innovative behavior analysts in the 21st century. We have at our disposal a singular technology with the demonstrable power to influence behaviour with a precision and on a scale that the world has never seen before! And yet, it is not an exaggeration to say that even the most accomplished behavior analysts among us often have great difficulty forging relationships between organizations and across disciplines. The struggle is real!

I am excited to speak at NextGen because of the remarkable success that we have had reaching out to individuals and organizations that are either unfamiliar with behaviour analysis, or downright oppositional. In my home province of Manitoba, Canada, I am being invited to speak to a great diversity of organizations at an ever increasing rate. These include, for example, many schools and school divisions, government agencies, summer camps, city police and 911 operators, the Human Centered Design Institute, indigenous support organizations, high schools, childcare centers, and to a variety of clinicians who have historically been uncomfortable with ABA philosophy (e.g. occupational therapists, speech therapists, music therapists, physiotherapists, spiritual care practitioners, and more).

There is no great secret in this approach, no tricks, no embellishment, no misleading statements. And I want very badly to share it with you!

What interests you, or fascinates you about technology?

When we invent, apply, and discuss technology, we are participating in a sacred activity that has defined our species since the dawn of civilization. Today, our own appreciation for the development of new technologies is a value that links us to many of the greatest thinkers and reformers throughout history.

Pretty sweet, right?

However, unlike the historic world of Archimedes, DaVinci, or Benjamin Franklin before us, today's rate of technological progress is so rapid that even the most die-hard futurists struggle to keep up with it. And this is what excites me the most! Because our ongoing development of new science and new technology is only the beginning - it is the unlimited opportunity for novel applications of that technology that blows me away; and the potential for interdisciplinary synthesis of new ideas fills me with immense wonder and hope.

What interests you, or fascinates you about entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship is the silk road that carries new science and technology out of the research lab and into our homes, offices, and factories. Those courageous enough to walk that road, laden with heaps of treasure - in the form of ideas and technology - are called entrepreneurs. These are people who combine big ideas with bold actions, and we have much to learn from their successes… and from their failures.

What are you most known for? We want to make sure novel attendees have as much time to prepare as possible to maximize their learning with you.

  • I am known for my propensity for forging genuine relationships with other people and between organizations - particularly when those relationships have historically been strained, or even antagonistic.

  • I am known for my ability to discuss and present scientific facts - particularly those related to biology, evolution, and psychology - without compromising the complexity, inherent worth, or astonishing beauty of human beings on our planet.

  • I am known for my unusual assortment of personal interests, skills, and knowledge; which helps me connect with and relate to a greater range of people. For instance, this includes plant behaviour, rock climbing, ancient Rome, drawing and sculpting, internet technology, PC gaming, public speaking, Lego, insane music festivals, insect behavior, evolution, aliens, and… I cut my own hair?

If you can give words of encouragement to attendees who wish to explore these areas, what would you say?

It has been said that there are three types of people in this world: those who watch things happen, those who make things happen, and those who wonder what happened. Don't be the third kind. Join us at NextGen.

Brendan Böhr, MS, BCBA

Affiliation: St. Amant

Title of Talk: Talking About Behavior Science without Freaking People Out!

Description: Collaboration between disciplines is both a great challenge and a colossal opportunity for innovative behavior analysts in the 21st century. We have at our disposal a singular technology with the demonstrable power to influence behaviour with incredible precision and on a scale that the world has never seen before. And yet, even our most accomplished and successful behavior analysts often have great difficulty forging genuine relationships between organizations and across disciplines. The struggle is real! In this breakout session, viewers will be introduced to a simple and intuitive approach to sharing behavioral concepts and technologies with potential business partners, clients, specialists, and families. Whereas behavior analysts can often be perceived as cold, robotic, and lacking compassion by the general public; this approach is warm, effective, and authentic. This approach has three basic tenets:

  1. Embrace behaviorism

  2. Shut up and listen

  3. Learn to seek and appreciate these three emotional reactions:

    1. Astonishment

    2. Relief, and

    3. Oh, I guess this stuff isn't so bad after all


After attending this presentations, participants will:

  1. Be able to effectively disseminate behaviour analytic concepts, principles, and technologies by embracing the philosophy of behaviorism in their formal presentations as well as in casual conversation.

  2. More effectively share behavior analytic content with potential partners, clients, specialists, and families by improving their listening skills and by learning to value specific, qualitative reactions in listeners.

Bio: Brendan is a Board-Certified Behaviour Analyst from rural Manitoba. He graduated from the University of Manitoba with a BSc. (hons) in psychology in 2008, and later moved to sunny Florida to get a dual Master of Science degree in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and Organizational Behavior Management (OBM) from the Florida Institute of Technology in 2014.

Brendan has been providing behavioural support to families, children, youth, and adults with developmental disabilities and autism since 2005. He has practiced applied behaviour analysis in Manitoba, Florida, and Washington State; and he’s filled many roles, including autism tutor, senior tutor, behaviour technician, behaviour analyst, graduate teaching associate, and independent contractor.

Brendan currently serves as the Coordinator of Clinical Education and Training at St.Amant, in Winnipeg, Manitoba. In this role, his primary responsibilities include the delivery of presentations and workshops in the community on topics related to applied behaviour analysis, and he helps to facilitate training and staff development within St.Amant. He is also a strong proponent and frequent project leader for the application and integration of burgeoning new technologies (you’ll have to ask him for examples). He is a proud member of Bx+.

His academic interests include applied behaviour analysis for the treatment of individuals with and without disabilities, the experimental analysis of human and other behaviour, unusual applications of behavioral science to address problems of social significance (or personal interest), and organizational behaviour management. His personal interests include camping, exploring, art, technology, and science in general.

Track: Behavior Analysis & Clinical Applications

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Behavior analysis is in a unique position to inform just about every problem in the world. Saving the world with behavior analysis has always been in the dreams of behavior analysts. There's plenty of success stories to praise, but there's still an immense number of possibilities for the science of behavior to contribute to meaningful and real-world solutions. This two-day event is designed to empower behavior analysts and like-minded professionals to create and begin working towards their vision of a novel and need service, tool, or product informed by the leading practice and research in Behavior Analysis, Technology, Entrepreneurship and Clinical Applications! NextGen Revolution Summit Las Vegas and Online is ALL SET.  

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