"Why are we waiting for behavior to get 'bad enough'?" | Jamie Waldvogel, MS, BCBA

Jamie Waldvogel, MS, BCBA

Jamie Waldvogel, MS, BCBA

We asked Jamie a few questions about the event and our aim of bringing together behavior analysis, entrepreneurship, technology and clinical applications. Check out her answers and a clear description of her talk at NextGen Las Vegas! Oh and we have a video in there too at the bottom called "Why are we waiting for behavior to get 'bad enough'?" so you can get to know Jamie.

We livestream and record the event. So you have access to all of the content for 30-days after the event regardless of the ticket type you choose!

We livestream and record the event. So you have access to all of the content for 30-days after the event regardless of the ticket type you choose!

Brief statement on why you’re excited to speak at this conference and/or how you feel you can inspire people to innovate their profession with technology.

We have a science powerful enough to change the world...if we play our cards right! I have shared various parts of my entrepreneurial journey at regional ABA conventions and ABAI as a workshop this past May in San Diego and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive for all 8 attendees.

I have inspired others to start their own businesses after having attended a talk of mine. Sharing my experiences and expertise has taken the fear out of the equation for others that have been sitting on a business idea. I have inspired others to leave their current work in child care and early learning to get their BCBA.

What interests you, or fascinates you about technology?

We have a technology of behavior that we owe it to the world to share! My job as a parent is so much easier because of behavior analysis. ALL parents deserve that behavioral technology!

Technology allows me to reach more parents and teachers than ever before! Without the use of Zoom webinar technology, our Minnesota-based behavioral consultation company wouldn't be currently serving families in Michigan!

I use technology to make my business more efficient! Hosting webinars is a great marketing tool that saves travel, time, and expenses of in-person events. Shifting from in-home to tele-behavioral consultation saves travel costs and time, which allows us to serve more families.

What interests you, or fascinates you about entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship is the ultimate form of dissemination! You have to be so unbelievably fluent in our science to be able to design a new service that hasn't ever been offered before, that will solve a new problem that hasn't existed before and/or hasn't been solved yet.

We have a generation of parents on our hands that created terms like "terrible two's" and "threenager" to describe the children that they do not have the tools to parent. Disrupting what parents think is "normal" behavior and empowering them with our technology of behavior to manage their child's behavior before it gets "bad enough" is how I'm using entrepreneurship to disseminate our science.

Why are we waiting around until the behavior or neuro-typically developing behavior gets "bad enough" to warrant our services? What if all parents received behavioral education when their child was 2-5 years old?

What are you most known for? We want to make sure novel attendees have as much time to prepare as possible to maximize their learning with you.

I'm not that well-known in the greater behavior analytic community...yet!
-Editor note; check out www.behaveyourbest.com - she’s being humble! ;)

If you can give words of encouragement to attendees who wish to explore these areas, what would you say?

The future of behavior analysis depends on you exploring technology and entrepreneurship! Thank you for making this a priority!

Jamie Waldvogel, MS, BCBA

Affiliation: Behave Your Best

Title of Talk: "Why are we waiting for behavior to get 'bad enough'?"

Description: Normand and Kohn (2013) argued that “the field of Behavior Analysis would be best served if behavior analysts worked to extend the reach of behavioral services into a more diverse range of settings and with more varied populations.” I will share how I've used behavior analysis to build strategic business relationships with private and public child care centers, preschools, and school districts to successfully design, market, and deliver a brief, fee for service, behavioral consultation business model to parents and teachers of typically-developing children ages 2-10.


  1. Participants will identify at least 2 ways in which to use behavioral principles to build strategic partnerships with other businesses.

  2. Participants will identify at least 2 ways to use behavioral principles to market their business.

Bio: Jamie is a wife, mother of two sons, child behavior expert, entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and the founder and owner of Behave Your Best! After becoming a mother in 2011, she realized the need to share behavior analytic strategies with parents and teachers of typically-developing children or parents and teachers of children with special needs whose behavior isn't "bad enough" to warrant a behavioral expert. As a result, she founded Behave Your Best. She is passionate about educating this generation of parents and teachers with behavioral strategies before "normal" unwanted behavior gets "bad enough". She believes with the right tools, all parents and teachers can enjoy childhood behavior at all stages! She attended the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, where she earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology, with an emphasis in Behavior Analysis. She later obtained her Master of Science degree in Behavior Analysis and Therapy from Southern Illinois University. Jamie has been board certified as a behavior analyst since 2003.

Track: Behavior Analysis & Entrepreneurship

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