Livestream & On-Demand: How it Works

So how does this all work? Is the quality worth it? What if I'm in a different timezone or have plans - can I watch them afterward?

All valid questions - let me explain. 

Looking to snag some CEUs on something a little different? This Saturday and Sunday (Nov. 10th & 11th) we're livestreaming (and recording for later viewing) NextGen in Las Vegas. The lineup is stellar, with approximately half of the content specific to our typical service streams (e.g., Autism and Intellectual Disabilities) and the other half outside the "norm." 

How this works: 

We start the livestream up at roughly 8am PDT - Saturday morning. Check out the schedule and what's happening.

Day 1 - NextGen 2018 Las Vegas

Day 1 - NextGen 2018 Las Vegas

If you want to schedule time to sit down and learn with us, there will be a continual stream throughout the day with 1-2 live moderators. The goal is to have FUN, LEARN, and CONNECT. We are known for our livestreams leading to small communities forming and keeping in touch. Let's take a look at the second day's lineup (note it will start at 9am PST and end an hour earlier. 

Day 2 - NextGen 2018 Las Vegas

Day 2 - NextGen 2018 Las Vegas

So at this point you're pumped (we hope), but you likely have some questions: 

Is the quality worth it?

We stream at a minim of HD (720p). Our tech has the ability for up to 4K but that requires a beast of a setup to stream for attendees. So we may bump it up to 1080p, but that's the max. These are industry standards and far better than many in the behavioral science professional development landscape. We may even have a few tricks up our sleeve this go around that haven't been attempted in behavioral science streaming and production ever before.

What if I'm in a different timezone or have plans - can I watch them afterward?

Every ticket purchase comes with on-demand recordings for 30 days afterwards. These will be hosted latest, Friday the 16th, but we're hoping for sooner. The 30-days will begin as soon as we host them, so you'll have until about mid-december - just in time to wrap them up for the holiday and New Year's season. 

Can I earn BACBยฎ CEUs this way?

Of course! As always, you will have to demonstrate that you attended. We do this at least two ways - checking who comes in on the livestream and their engagement rates, as well as a mandatory quiz related to the content delivered. So all that said, it's not a quick "easy" CEU - you'll learn and be challenged a little bit. 

How do I tune in the day of? 

Every participant, in-person or online, will receive the link to view the event in their inbox as soon as it is liv each morning. We'll have this up as late as 15 min. prior to the start of the first event, but hopefully, the hour prior to get some speakers on the stream and start hyping up and connecting everyone more. Remember! Streaming is best with a dedicated direct line. Although the event can be streamed through 4G and LTE and wireless connections, it's recommended that you plan to attend with a direct ethernet connection with at least 5Mb/s connection. We're glad to answer any questions about this at the contact information above. All attendees will receive a recording of the event as a part of registration. Data usages may apply and are your sole responsibility.

What if the stream is down?

For three events in a row, we haven't had an issue with the stream going down. We have prepared an extremely fast network at the co-working space where we're streaming the event out of that will ensure that we have a great connection uploading. The common issue is that attendees try to stream on less-than-perfect connections. If we go down, or you're unable to get a solid connection where you're at then the recordings are delivered in place of the livestream.

Where do I get a ticket?

Let's take a break to listen to Ryan O'Donnell - Co-Founder of NextGen about the livestreaming - or scroll below and check out the full program. 


The Revolution Summit

Behavior analysis is in a unique position to inform just about every problem in the world. Saving the world with behavior analysis has always been in the dreams of behavior analysts. There's plenty of success stories to praise, but there's still an immense number of possibilities for the science of behavior to contribute to meaningful and real-world solutions. This two-day event is designed to empower behavior analysts and like-minded professionals to create and begin working towards their vision of a novel and need service, tool, or product informed by the leading practice and research in Behavior Analysis, Technology, Entrepreneurship and Clinical Applications! NextGen Revolution Summit Las Vegas and Online is ALL SET.  

The Details

Want to push behavior analysis beyond it's current boundaries? This event is for you. Check out last year's highlight real and snag early bird tickets below. Included in the ticket price are 15 BACB Continuing Education Units (CEUs), including 2 ethics and 13 Type-II.


Las Vegas, NV


Work in Progress

317 6th Street

Las Vegas, NV 89101


Friday, November 9th, 2018: Optional Meet 'n' Greet and Networking Event for all registered attendees (separate TBD location)

Saturday, November 10th, 2018: 8am-6pm - Day 1: Design Thinking for Behavior Analysts

Sunday, November 11th, 2018: 8am-6pm - Day 2: Applications for Expanding Behavioral Science


Check out the full NextGen Rev program and buy tickets below.


That's right. You don't have to be in Miami to experience the awesomeness and you can watch it on your own time afterward.

Direct Questions to | 775.639.8436