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Two Types of Technology

Technology is used in so many different ways that it can be a little confusing sometimes. The “tech of tools” and “tech of process” distinction is quite useful, as it allows us to design programs to more effectively reach the intended programmed outcomes.  And at the end of the day, a classroom of 100% of the student reaching the intended outcomes would be fantastic – as it leaves them with the feeling of success, more time to continue exploring and inquiring the topics that they personally love the most, and it results in a stronger and healthier society.  

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Follow Up To An Open Letter to My Undergraduate Adviser

In a previous post I shared my experience of a mentor at the University of Nevada, Reno. Although I didn't receive guidance through the formal systems in the educational system at the Psychology department at UNR, I did fill that gap with another system. I'd like to share that here after receiving feedback from a close colleague of mine, Mark Malady, who pointed out that I left out the other half of the story. Thanks, Mark, and here we go. 

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My Loss is My Loss, Yours is Yours

So there are some of my "losses." Damn it feels good to lay them out to dry. I hope that everyone reading this realizes it's meant as a way to say "here's what I tried" and that I continually assess if it's the right time to pick them back up and work towards them again. I'd be stoked to hear yours, and know if you're interested in working on any of these ideas sometime in the future - throw them in the comments below!

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