Q. How do i know if this event is for me?


If you're interested in any of these four things: 


At its core, entrepreneurship is a complex set of skills – a way of thinking and acting. It is about imagining new ways to solve problems and create value. Passion, business, novelty, and creativity come together to solve real-world problems.


A science of everything that we do seems almost impossible. However, behavior analysis provides a framework for understanding why we do what we do, with diverse applications from education, technology, instructional design, training, systems analysis and policy design, performance improvement, and more.


We have all experienced the exponential rate of technology - for better or worse it's here, and it's evolving quickly. Technology includes the gadgets and devices that we use day-to-day, but it also includes the process or "how to." Data collection & design, virtual reality, instructional design, machine learning, and artificial intelligence are all up our alley, 


At the end of the day there's a consumer facing an issue, whether it be behavioral, mental, or social. Our goal is to provide a framework of the first three areas that allows you to immediately provide more value in your personal professional situation. After all, that's why we all got into this field, right?

Q. What should I expect from the event?

A. Expect to learn about the research, strategies, ethics, and practicalities involved in expanding your professional skill set into a novel (to you) area of practice using the latest research in Behavior Analysis, Entrepreneurship, Technology and Clinical Psychology.

Q. Can I attend online?

A. Yes! There is an online option, check out the pre-sale options by clicking here. You won't be able to contact the EXACT same event as those in Miami, FL. However, you'll have access to the same materials (e.g., Participant Packet) as well as live chat with a moderator who is knowledgeable about the event content. Of course, you're a part of the community and get to continue with us afterward in those aspects too. 

Q. Can I receive the recording if I'm not available the day of the event??

A. Yes! We will be sending the link out to everyone after the event. It's typically available within a few days of the event. This is a great option for anyone that is looking to not only experience the content of the event but also find a community of people that are looking to expand their skill sets into novel areas. 

Q. Are there Continuing Education Units available??


Yes! We offer CEUs 6.0 Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) CEUs (1.0 Ethics and 5 Type-2)
and we're in the process of aligning CEUs for other professionals. 

Q. Are there group rates?

A. Yes! Groups of 3 or more are discounted at the time of purchase. Complete the form here to be notified when this is available.

where do i sign up?

A. Currently pre-sale sign-ups are available by clicking the button below.