Silver Sponsor Package

Silver Sponsor Package

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November 10th-11th (Las Vegas, NV)

This 2018 Revolution Summit will be hosted in Las Vegas, Nevada. Saturday November, 10th and Sunday November 11th by RYANO and BehaviorMe. The registrations are beginning and we expect a full event of 150 people in person and additional attendees on the livestream (with an additional ~100 attendees expected online although this is unlimited enrollment).


We try to balance our events around both awareness and convenience. The demanding schedule of behavior analysts and professionals leveraging behavioral science means that a 3-day weekend means an easier commute to and from the event without as much sacrifice. Many professionals are provided an observed day for Veterans Day weekend and when we asked our attendees, they indicated they preferred a 3-day weekend for a 2-day event. That said, we are clearly in conflict with other values core to the NextGen team with the event occurring on Veterans Day. This year we consulted a veteran with expertise that fits our event’s brand of pushing the boundaries in behavioral science and we’re happy to announce that we will begin with a ~ 3-hour design thinking workshop led by Andres Lazo. Learn more about his expertise here on LinkedIn. We hope to find the balance that meets the needs of our attendees, the availability of our speakers, and the voice that is the general public and what our brand stands for: ethics, integrity, empathy, and compassion. All attendees can opt-in for online viewership and on-demand access (for 30 days) after the event if they want to observe Veterans Day.



Each speaker was selected for their unique role in using behavioral science fuel their decisions, solutions, and cultures.

Janet Twyman, PhD
Diah Askari, MS, BCBA
Megan Miller, PhD, BCBA-D
Brendan Böhr, MS, BCBA
Barbara Kaminski, PhD, BCBA-D
Shane Spiker, MS, BCBA
Jamie Waldvogel, MS, BCBA
Joe Layng, PhD
Andres Lazo, MPA
Joe Cihon, MS, BCBA, LBA
Ryan O’Donnell, MS, BCBA
Annie Escalante, MS, BCBA
Andy Chavez, MS
Sara Litvak, MA, BCBA
Tom Buqo, MA
Megan Sullivan-Kirby, MEd, BCBA

By sponsoring this event, your company and message will be seen by a large segment of the behavioral community. We firmly believe the digital age is to be leveraged and embraced, and we’ll work with you to highlight your company on our combined social reach of 12K+ (Facebook, LinkedIn & Instagram). In addition, you’ll have the expertise of Ryan O’Donnell - a behavior analyst and digital content creator who’s seen a large increase in online community building the past two years and regularly consults with organizations on digital content creation that meets your company needs.

The speakers are excited and we had a tremendously positive and enthusiastic response when we asked for their time and effort to help us with this event. Below is our current schedule, with small alterations possible as we work through the final details with our physical location host.


Las Vegas, NV

Venue Finalizing by 8/31

Friday, November 9th, 2018: Optional Meet 'n' Greet and Networking Event for all registered attendees

Saturday, November 10th, 2018: 8am-6pm - Day 1: Design Thinking for Behavior Analysts

Sunday, November 11th, 2018: 8am-6pm - Day 2: Applications for Expanding Behavioral Science



The NextGen values of ethics, integrity, empathy, and compassion also must resonate with the sponsors of our event. Any organization that has demonstrated their brand and behavior is not in-line with these will be denied an opportunity to sponsor the event. This intimate single-track conference is intended to create opportunities for the next generation of behavior analysts that resonate with these values and are willing to put in the work necessary to uphold to these values. This year we are looking to secure up to 20 sponsors in total.